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Contract Computer Programming


You might think that Isomatic is purely a manufacturing firm. However, we also have a strong background in computers that has given us the significant experience to become a contract computer programming firm as well. The founders of the company have a background in robotics and computer programming and have always integrated computer technology into all activities of the company. Isomatic has always hired programmers to develop internal software to support manufacturing activities. In addition, our programmers have participated in EC funded IT/programming projects, and have developed Isomatic copyrighted commercial applications. Isomaticís transformer business has provided additional experience for our programmers in the development and use product simulation software, CAD design software, and in complex project management.

Isomatic has participated in several EC funded projects that have provided our programmers with further opportunities for professional growth. These programs have included the design of a wildfire simulation program with possible commercial applications, design and implementation of communication systems via the inter-net, and industrial controls standard setting and programming.

Isomatic is also developing its own software products for commercial application. Currently, we are developing an MIS program for small businesses that includes modules for accounting, inventory management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bills of materials.

Isomatic has programming experience and expertise in several languages and in several operating environments. We can develop a software application from detailed specifications provided by our customers, or we can design a full application. Additionally, we can design separate stand alone modules for integration into larger systems based on a specification and well defined interfaces.

We have particular expertise and experience in the following areas:

We have experience with the following computing environments:

We provide our customers with all the services they would expect from a professional firm such as Isomatic. First, we do all the design work. Second, we set up programming specifications and review them with the customer. Third, we do all of the coding, testing and debugging. Fourth, we can have CD-ROM copies of the application made. Fifth, we provide application documentation. Finally, we can provide maintenance agreements for needed changes to the applications.

Project Management

Isomatic has a strong commitment to serving the customer. As part of this commitment, we assure that each job is managed professionally. First, an experienced project manager is assigned to the job. In addition to the experienced personnel within Isomatic, we have close ties with professors from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Thus, we can tap either of these sources for project management expertise. Second, based on the time constraints of our clients, we build a project schedule with definite milestones. Third, the project manager then breaks the project down into a series of tasks and assigns the responsibility for those tasks to programmers who excel in that particular area.


The rates we charge will vary according to the type of expertise required to fulfill the customers expectations. We charge by programming hour and we calculate the cost of each job based on an estimate of the number of hours of expertise needed from each area. We can provide you a high level of quality service at a fraction of the cost of programming services in most countries.

Contact us

You can contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.
Phone: (+359 2) 8774 596 or (+359 2) 8740 655
Fax:: (+359 2) 9753 032

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

How we handle contracts

When we embark on a new project, we want to assure that all of our customerís needs are met. First, we will clarify the specifications of exactly what the customer wants. Often, this may mean sending the project manager, or a senior programmer to the customers site to work closely with their personnel. Second, we will assess what resources, are required to fulfill the customerís needs and then we will provide the customer with a written quotation for the entire project. Once, the contract price and dates are agreed to, the project manager maps out a critical path using a scheduling software tool. Based on this critical path, and the resources needed to complete the project, the project manager gathers the necessary personnel. Once the necessary team is gathered, they begin the project and work according to the critical path. When the product is finished and tested in house, it is provided to the customer along with program documentation.

Why Bulgaria?

Many people are unfamiliar with Bulgaria and its history in the computer industry. Before the political changes took place, Bulgaria was the center of the computer industry for the COMECON countries. Bulgaria provided the majority of the computer electronics for the Soviet defense industry. Thus, Bulgariaís education system emphasized the computer skills necessary to succeed in the computer industry.

Today, Bulgariaís education system continues to produce bright and talented young programmers. Bulgaria has a literacy rate of over 98%, 75% of the population speaks English, and Bulgaria ranks second in the world in SAT scores. The combination of a highly educated workforce and a large number of highly skilled computer science and computer engineering professionals means that we can offer world class professional services, but at a very competitive rate.

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