WIder DimEnsion for Best practice in Engineering And Manufacturing


WIDEBEAM is a multinational project funded by the European Commission within the Esprit programme. Ten user enterprises in the UK, Spain and Bulgaria, advised by four co-ordination and consultancy organisations will be demonstrating and implementing communication of commercial, engineering and production information within supply chains. Isomatic UK is the project co-ordinator and Isomatic Lab participates as co-ordinator for Bulgaria and as a leader in building a virtual environment for management in a supply/demand chain.

The main result of accepting the virtual management principles and philosophy is expected to allow the companies to reshape their business processes using the most innovative approaches, in convergence with the most popular IT, communications and data management standards.

The essence of WIDEBEAM is in developing and offering an integrated solution for companies which are connected in supplier-consumer chains using the Internet/Intranet and other appropriate data exchange methods. Participating in such supply chains means more clients not only from the country but from all over the world, cheaper and easily accessible raw materials, less administrative and communication expenses for each company in the chain. All the above means better management which conforms to the progress of the Global Information Society.

For more information please visit the primary web site at www.isomatic.co.uk/widebeam.htm.

For contacts e-mail to peter.burton@isomatic.co.uk