Small Enterprise Marketing ,Internet Rooted , Advanced Management Information System



The development of the project is funded  through a grant  from  the Ministry of  Science and Education

     bullet1.gif (1130 bytes) IsomaticLab LTD

     bullet1.gif (1130 bytes) Institute of Computer and Communication Sciences - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences  /ICCS-BAS/


Project Goal

The  aim of the project SEMIRAMIS is to build an Information Control System   for the remote management  of   SME's participating in Supply Chain Networks - the so called  Virtual Enterprise. These Virtual Enterprises  could  be independent  firms distributed in a given geographical region or enterprises located in different countries and continents

The Intranet  which is an internal network connects many users  on the base of Internet and Web technologies for   the distribution and storage  of data. Such technology perfectly solves the problems of  communicating between geographically separated   enterprises.


                    Bulgaria                                                                     Great Britain

                            virt_ent.gif (5229 bytes) Singapore

Basis of the system consists   of :

     on the server side: OS-Windows NT Server, database-Microsoft SQL Server,  Internet Server- Internet Information Server

     on the client side:- browser - Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator

All this shows that the users need only a browser...:


                                    browser.gif (3244 bytes)


The system is based on a new ideology: the   specific unification of  data  generated within different functional modules  into a single unified  information resource .This provides an unified database, unified  application ,unified  user interface for the entire virtual enterprise.

On one hand the system has separate modules/ Accounting, Resources, People,.../ but on the other hand  there are no strict boundaries between them.This permits sharing the information  between the staff , customers, clients, venders.

Customers, business partners and remote offices can have access to specific  data with either password protected or anonymous access.



The initial  software testing of  SEMIRAMIS    is designed to work in geographically separated enterprises. Some of the information will be for internal use only- like Intranet information, while other information such as  available inventory, can be accessed by customers and partners - opening the system to the world with  Extranet.

Another software trial will be conducted at the Insitute of Computer and Communications Sciences - a typical Intranet for management   of the Personal  , Accounting and Inventory.

The project is due to be completed by June 2000.