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15 March 1999

The TACTICS consortium gratefully acknowledges the financial support from European Commission DGXII within the Framework IV INCO-Copernicus programme. Without that support, this work would never have been undertaken.

INFORMATION about the work of the individual research project teams

Paper Search

Co-ordinator Svetla Koleva

The Bulgarian team is completing work on the card-indexing of the collected articles and has distributed an initial version of the card-index to the other teams. The Macedonian team provided Xerox copies of its articles and these have taken some time to process. Up to now a total of 82 journals from the list have been reviewed plus another 14 more journals which are not on the list. The total number of processed articles (with ready passports) is 498.

The Bulgarian team has also started to process the Bulgarian periodicals which relate to the TACTICS project. They were selected according to key words in the data base of the National centre of information and documentation. The processing involves a review of the publications, selection of relevant articles (in accordance with the criteria for Paper Search, Firms’ Passport, Statistical Analysis, Historical Analysis) and their card-indexing after the established standard.

The Romanian team has already dispatched Xerox copies of the articles and has commenced work on them. The summaries have been entered into the card-index.

Future work:

Copies of articles of interest will be supplied to those who request them.

Opinions and proposals are awaited in connection with the Theoretical Report Structure proposed by Scientific co-ordinator Ivan Tchalakov, forwarded on March 9, 1999.

* * *

Firms’ Passport

Co-ordinator Martin Kanoushev

The Bulgarian team has a list of around 1,000 relevant firms which contains the basic indices: name, address, subject of activity. The team has begun checking them by telephone phone in order to add further information according to the remaining indices: year of registration, form of ownership and juridical registration and number of employees.

The Macedonian team has compiled its list and have promised to submit it by the end of this month.

As noted in Newsletter 1, the Romanian team has submitted its list of firms.

Future work:

With regard to the proposal of the Romanian team for the financial indicators to be in US dollars for the sake of comparability, Project Manager Peter Burton is of the opinion that it is more appropriate to submit them in euro as it is the European common currency. Also the European Commission, which funds our work, expects the euro to be used.

* * *

Historical analysis

Co-ordinator Academician Sgurev

The Bulgarian team has begun processing archival units of the Public Records. In the meantime the card-index of the major institutions and key figures is being expanded. Consequently, the first respondents for interviewing have been selected (two interviews have been undertaken). The guide has been agreed with Scientific co-ordinator Ivan Tchalakov. It takes into account the specific nature of the development of the Bulgarian electronic industry but also includes issues that are applicable in the three countries - about relations within COMECON, Intergovernmental Commission, etc.

An official record has been started of the biographies and personal files of key actors which is subject to constant expansion.

The Macedonian and Romanian teams have also begun collecting archival materials.

Future work:

Eeach national team will introduce its historical analysis according to the situation in its country.

Upon its translation, the guide will be circulated among the other participants in the project.

* * *

Technical report

Co-ordinator Miroslav Iliev

Miroslav Iliev has prepared a draft of Part one of "Technical report", hereinafter referred to as "Technology mapping report" which, upon co-ordination with Ivan Tchalakov, was distributed to the project participants. Work on the other parts of the draft is nearing completion.

Future work:

Ivan Tchalakov has bought the book of Travis Russell "Telecommunications protocols" (McGrow-Hill, 1997) and recommends it to the other partners (sociologists and economists) as a useful supplement to the Technology mapping report.

* * *

Statistical analysis

Co-ordinator (acting) Diana Nenkova

The Bulgarian team has started to collect the required information from the statistical year-books using as a pattern the selection of statistical data made by the Macedonian team. This material is recommended to the Romanian team.

Future work:

As noted in Newsletter 1, since the early ‘90s Reuters has been preparing and publishing reports on a paid Web site concerning the development of the telecommunication services in different countries. Colleagues who have access to this are requested to collect more information.

* * *

Organisation and communications:

The co-ordinating team of the Institute of sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences intends to circulate a similar Newsletter around the 15th of every month. The aim is to provide updates of progress achieved by each team, the problems it has to surmount and its proposals for solving them. Participants are requested to send the required information by the 13th of every month.

Ivan Tchalakov returns from the USA on March 20 and can be contacted at the TACTICS E-mail address: tactics@isomatic.com

Workshop 2 will take place in Bucharest on April 26 and 27.

We wish all of you success in your work!

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