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The TACTICS consortium gratefully acknowledges the financial support from European Commission DGXII within the Framework IV INCO-Copernicus programme. Without that support, this work would never have been undertaken.

INFORMATION about the work of the individual research project teams

Paper Search

Co-ordinator Svetla Koleva

The Bulgarian team is completing the review of the journals and the collection of photocopies of the articles which relate to the subject of research. Forty-five journals have been reviewed. Furthermore, it made a review of some year-books, originally assigned to the Romanian team, which, however, were not available in Romania. Photocopies of more than 230 articles have been made. Work has begun on the Bulgarian journals and a list of the relevant journals has been drafted proceeding from the data bases provided by the library for technical literature of the Central institute for techno-scientific information.

The photocopies of the articles are listed according to an established standard. As soon as the review of the articles is completed, the list will be circulated among all participants in the project.

By late January the Macedonian team had reviewed 10 journals. The team continues work on the execution of the tasks. Eighty-four articles have been selected.

The Romanian team has reviewed 13 journals. One hundred and eighty-nine articles have been selected and a list has been produced according to the established standard. Work continues on the assignment with photocopies of the articles expected shortly.

Emanuela Todeva working in the UK has submitted abstracts of 148 articles (now on the FTP site). She has also reviewed 3 journals.

To summarise, the review of the journals is nearing completion (a dozen more will be reviewed). The work of the Bulgarian, Macedonian and Romanian teams was complicated by the unavailability of some of the journals in the local libraries. The missing copies had to be searched for by colleagues who work abroad on other assignments. All teams are now completing their work on the journals and submitting the information.

Firms' Passport

Co-ordinator Martin Kanoushev

The Bulgarian team has listed around 680 companies (continuously expanding) on the basis of different sources - experts’ opinion, reference books, catalogues, web-pages. This list comprises the most active companies in the field of telematics and computer communications.

It has been confirmed that official statistical information can be obtained for companies in the following fields - production of computing machinery, production of radio, TV and telecommunication equipment, production of tools for measuring, testing and navigation, production of technological processes checking devices, telecommunications, consultations about computer hardware, system designing and programming, software consultations and services, other activities related to the application of computers. The statistical information was provided with some delay after an initial request to pay a very high price for the service.

In addition, the team has been informed by the National Institute of Statistics that an index book of the companies in the whole of Bulgaria, containing their faxes and information about its sphere of activity, will be issued in about a month. If possible, this will be used as a source in order to expand the information base.

The Macedonian team is submitting a list of the relevant companies, made by the state statistics office.

The Romanian team has submitted a list of 1983 companies with information classified according to 7 indicators. The list is made on the basis of information from the Romanian Chamber of industry and commerce. There is also a list of the Romanian Internet subscribers, grouped in 500 areas. The list contains the name, telephone number(s), fax number(s) and E-mail address of each company. With empirical research, this list can be used for the category of users of telecommunication services.

Historical analysis

Co-ordinator Academician Sgurev

The Bulgarian team has identified the main trends, institutions and figures that are the subject of the historical analysis. The team has started to collect information from 4 main archives (Ministry of industry, Ministry of transport and communications, State planning committee, Committee for scientific and technological progress). The methods of using the State archives was explored, kick-off meetings were held and the first orders were placed (an order is fulfilled within 10 days after placement). The search extends over the following relevant areas - microelectronics, computing machinery, information technologies, institutions (state institutions, departments, trade organisations).

A draft questionnaire for interviewing experts and a draft list of respondents have been prepared. Pilot interviews are expected to be conducted in early March. At the same time, the historical analysis will be correlated with the review of the journals and the statistical analysis. A review of Bulgarian periodicals and of statistical year-books and sources will start on the basis of common indicators. The colleagues who are undertaking the historical analysis believe that it should begin from the mid-1950s in order to encompass in full the development of the processes and identify the major tendencies in the areas of interest.

Information is awaited concerning the work of the Macedonian team in this area.

The Romanian team has started work in the libraries and archives of institutions and enterprises which are relevant to the development of telematics and telecommunications - Institute of Telecommunications Research, National Information Institute, Institute of Technical Information. The team believes that 1986 is not the right inceptive year of the period for the historical analysis and believe that the period should range from the late 1970s to the beginning of the 1980s so that the principal lines and strategies in the development of the area may be outlined. However, the work of the Romanian team will be significantly hindered by the fact that an access to the state archives will not be allowed until the expiry of a 25-year long term.

Technical report

Co-ordinator Miroslav Iliev

The initial version of the technical report, which describes the present-day technological state of telematics and computer communications, has been completed. Following its approval by Ivan Tchalakov, Scientific Co-ordinator, the report will be sent to the leaders of the other national teams.

The Macedonian team has submitted its input to the report co-ordinator. This input has still to be translated into English.

It is proposed that the Romanian team leader meets the report co-ordinator to clarify some points regarding the technical report.

Statistical analysis

Acting co-ordinator Diana Nenkova

The Bulgarian team is now familiar with the information from the statistical year-books regarding the indexes in use. The general feeling is that they do not contain enough data relating to the subject of research. Nevertheless, the team will commence photocopying tables with relevant information from the following sections:

Work on this will continue with consultations with experts with a view to identifying concrete statistical indexes and possible sources of statistical data. The team believes that Reuters is preparing reports on the development of the telecommunication services in different countries, Bulgaria included, since the beginning of the 1990s. Steps will be taken to obtain these reports.

Information is awaited from the Macedonian team.

The Romanian team encountered some difficulties due to some unclear points about the indicators. Also, most of the official statistical data are on a macroeconomic level. Therefore, the team considers it necessary that a certain number of essential qualitative indicators that are available in the three countries should be specified.

Organisation and communications:

The Co-ordinating team of the Institute of sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences intends to circulate a similar Newsletter to this one every mid-month. The aim is to update the project participants with the pace of work on the project together with any difficulties and with proposals for the resolution of outstanding issues. All participants are requested to submit the required information not later than the 13th of every month. This shows the necessity of regular contacts between the participants and especially so between the people who are responsible for the specific tasks.

Note that Scientific Co-ordinator Ivan Tchalakov is now on a study tour of Atlanta, USA until mid-March (best wishes for success in his work on TACTICS as well). His e-mail address is ivantachalakov@hotmail.com

Mileva Gurovska is in France (we wish her a pleasant stay in Paris). Her e-mail address is bardeche@iresco.fr

We wish all of you success in your work!

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