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Weld monitor

Portable weld current meter

WCM 300

The WCM300 weld current meter is used to measure the current in resistance and capacitor discharge welding.

It is suitable for measuring on standard alternate current machines (AC), direct current (three-phase rectified or medium frequency) machines (DC) and capacitor discharge machines (CD).

The WCM300 displays the main process parameters rms value and duration of the weld current as well as the thyristors ON time (in electrical degrees).

This greatly simplifies the troubleshooting and setup of the welders on the shop floor.



Current range: 1 10 and 5 50 kA
AC current: 50 and 60 Hz, 1/2 to 99 cycles
DC current: up to 800 ms
Peak value and welding time in CD welding
Number of pulses in a weld: up to 9
Delayed beginning of the measurement: up to 98 cycles in AC or 790 ms in DC mode
SCR Conduction angle: 30 to 180 el. degrees
Memory:up to 63 weld pulses
Memory for welds comprising up to 9 consecutive pulses
Power supply: 2 AA batteries for up to 100 hours uninterrupted function.
Automatic power OFF
Display: 2 lines x 16 characters
Backlight of the display when needed
Dimensions: 160 x 103 x 31 mm (without the Rogowski coil)
Weight: 370 g.


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